Petition Closed
Petitioning Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne and 2 others

Stop enforcing collections for the privately run Highway 407 ETR by preventing vehicle plate renewal!

If you have ever had an issue with registering a vehicle in Ontario because of an "outstanding" 407 ETR bill, please read on.

Highway 407 ETR is owned (leased) by 407 International Inc., who is owned by Cintra Infraestructuras S.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of Ferrovial S.A. by indirect subsidiaries of Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and by SNC-Lavalin.

Recently, I was denied being able to register a vehicle in my name because of an alleged outstanding Hwy 407 ETR bill. I was advised that the outstanding amount of $400 that dated back to 2002 was now $39,458.31. I have a few problems with this; 1) In 2002 I disputed the charges and the 407 recognized that they had made a mistake, 2) How does $400 turn into $39k and 3) Why is the Provincial Goverment of Ontario acting as a collection agency for a privately owned business? I am not sure which of the three above is more concerning. I do know that the Province of Ontario would never persue deliquent accounts for companies who owe my privately owned business money. A portion of our tax dollars is being used to collect money for a private business and I take exception to that! Without due process, I have been deemed guilty by the MTO and denied the ability to register a vehicle in my name. This has had an impact on my ability to work and earn a living and I take exception to that too.

Additionally, I have come to learn that the majority of the alleged amount that I owe is a result of late fees, interest and other charges. Since the MTO is acting as the collection agency for the 407 ETR, they take the information, in this case a grossly inflated bill, and without investigating it enforce it. This allows the 407 ETR to charge whatever they want to. Consider this, if you had a business and the Province of Ontario was your collection agency, you would have the ability to inflate charges, falsify information and charge a person whatever you want without recourse because the MTO will stop you from driving in Ontario.

It is important for me to add that I have ALWAYS been willing to pay my bill. I just want an accurate bill to pay. I am not complaining about the fees for using the highway, although they are extremely high but I used it and I should pay for it. I don't feel that I should be made to pay for their accounting errors and that is what I have disputed from 2002.

Premier Wynne, the Province of Ontario should not be a collection agency for a private business and this should stop immeditaely. Blocking a persons ability to register a vehicle because of an alleged outstanding bill owed to a privately owned company is wrong.

Stop making the taxpayers of Ontario pay for collection of money owed or allegedly owed to a private business. (Unelss you intend on taking on collections for any and all other businesses in the Province of Ontario who are owed money.) 


Letter to
Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne
MPP Haliburton, Kawartha Lakes, Brock Laurie Scott
Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne
Stop enforcing collections for the privately run Highway 407 ETR!