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Bill 89 passed in Ontario in which seriously threatens our children and their future.

Kathleen Wynne government has introduced Bill 89 which supports the Children, Youth, and Families act and it will replace the current Child and Family Act that governs everything from child protection services and foster care to adoption.

This bill organizes the liberal governments beliefs that children belong to state and not their parents. As of now you don't have a say in what happens in your children's classroom, but you are given the right to control what happens at home. If this bill remains, the right of parental control at home will be taken away.

This further erodes parental rights, pushes gender ideology onto child services, changes and controls a child's religious background and choices, and it creates much controversy to current and future foster adoptive parents.

To underline some of the scary concerns in this Bill, these are some sections to be reconsidered.

Bill 89 will provide the state with the powers to seize children from their families for the sake of;

Gender ideology, and preventing religious parents from ever adopting or becoming a foster parent.

The religious faith in which you are raising your child in will be removed.

This bill takes away your right to help guide your children along with your beliefs and religious upbringing. Instead the bill states that you must bring up your child in agreement with the "child's creed".

The matters to be considered in determining the best interests of a child are changed. The child's wishes and views must be addressed and followed.

Children, under the age of 16 will be able to demand their sexual orientation and demand hormones. If you do not comply with these demands your child will be taken away, with or without a warrant to search your house. “ if you fail to provide the treatment or access to treatment" that your child now demands, you are working against his or her interests, so your child will now be considered "a child in the need of protection" in the eyes of the state and the Children's Aid Society MUST investigate you.

They are also granted the power upon under investigation of your portfolio to allow for Government's home invasions to become more sweeping and severe.

Why is the legal age for alcohol, driving, everything else that is not such a serious, extreme decision 19; but we are allowing hormones to be taken by our children under the age of 16.

The following list of factors is included: "race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, family diversity, disability, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression".

The appropriate age for a child to make these decisions should be at the age of 18 or when the brain is fully developed which is said to not be until the age of 25 and serious decisions to comply with your own wishes and beliefs can be made.

Bill 89 aims to colossal reduction in parental authority and that authority is now limited to your "child's creed".

Bill 89 is an unprecedented government intrusion into our homes!

It pushes gender identity unto Ontario children, making unscientific gender theory the law of our households.

It removes protective language surrounding a minors religious faiths.

It removes people of faith to be allowed to adopt and foster.

And it grants new powers for children to be removed from their parents and guardians custody.

We want to keep the government and unproven gender ideology out of our homes, we want to protect our children's future, and our RIGHTS to be a parent,

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