Raising Awareness for First Nation Reserves in Ontario

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In the past few decades, the government of Canada has been mistreating the Indigenous people. They have stolen their land, forcing them onto reserves. They're not even caring or concerning about the reserves, even denying the First Nation people of basic human rights and conditions. Studies show that 45% of First Nations people living on reserve in 2006 lived in homes that they identified as needing major repairs, compared to 36% in 1996.  According to the 2001 Census, the average individual income of the total population was $29,769, but only $19,132 for an individual of Indigenous descent, and a $14,616 for an Indigenous person living on reserves. It was revealed that two-thirds of all First Nation communities in Canada have been under at least one drinking water advisory at some time in the last decade.

There are currently more than 360,000 Indigenous people living in the reserves.

It’s ironic how Canada is regarded as a kind multicultural and bilingual country, yet we are mistreating a native race who possessed this land before us.  In the words of Chief George Manuel: “We cannot become equal members in your society. We can become a new member in a new society where everyone chooses to share. But that cannot happen until you begin to reconsider and reformulate your understanding, and your view of the world, as we have begun to reformulate ours.”

This is why I’ve created this petition to raise awareness for the First Nation reserves and communities throughout Ontario, and encourage you to sign it so we can show to the Indigenous people our true united and accepting selves. We’ve been treating the Indigenous people unfairly for many, many decades, and we must repay and repent for what we have done, and recognize them as fellow peers and equals.




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