Putting Students First: Give The Money Back!

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Putting Students First: Give The Money Back!

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Students are the first to lose in the event of a college-wide work stoppage; they should be the first to be compensated.

College faculty, librarian, and counselor salaries are provided by taxpayers and student tuition. College management are the stewards of those funds; the money is not the property of the college. When college faculty, librarians and counselors are forced to strike, college management remain in possession of that money, and therefore are the only party to benefit financially from a strike.

This unfair system needs to change.

We, the striking faculty, librarians, and counselors at Ontario colleges, believe that our forfeited salaries should benefit students first when we are on strike, and to that aim, we demand that Premier Kathleen Wynne, Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development, Deputy Premier Deborah Matthews, the College Employer Council, and Presidents of the 24 Ontario Colleges act collectively to begin the process of transferring money saved in salary over the period of the 2017 strike to student unions at each of the 24 colleges, to be distributed by student leaders as they see fit, in consultation with their student bodies.

A strike represents a catastrophic failure in communication; this failure in communication has in large part been caused by management not meeting the needs of faculty and students in terms of providing a sustainable education system that benefits all. Striking faculty, librarians, and counselors pay dearly for this, both in economic terms and in terms of harassment on the picket line, whereas managers continue to work and get paid, and also potentially receive bonuses during this period. This is unfair.

We also petition the senior executives of the 24 Ontario colleges to give up any bonuses received, or to be received, during the semester of the strike to student unions in each of the 24 colleges.

With this act, we acknowledge the deep sacrifices that our students are making during this period, and wish to enact positive change on their behalf. We believe that students should be empowered as an equal body in this process, and their needs must be met first.

Give The Money Back! (#givethemoneyback)

To the attention of:

Premier of Ontario, Hon. Kathleen O Wynne: kwynne.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org; 416-325-2228

Deputy Premier, Minister for Advanced Education and Skills Development, Hon. Deb Matthews: deb.matthews@ontario.ca; 416-326-1600

CEO of the College Employer Council, Don Sinclair: don.sinclair@theCouncil.ca; 647-258-7701

President of Algonquin College, Cheryl Jensen: jensenc@algonquincollege.com; 613-727-4723 x7705; @cheryljensen

President of Collége Boréal, Daniel Giroux: daniel.giroux@collegeboreal.ca; 705-521-6000; @danielgiroux10

President of Cambrian College, Bill Best: william.best@cambriancollege.ca; 705-566-8101 x7461; @cambrianprez

President of Canadore College, George Burton: george.burton@canadorecollege.ca; 705-474-7600 x5232; @trendsnapper

President of Centennial College, Ann Buller: abuller@centennialcollege.ca; 416-289-5289; @AnnBuller

President of Conestoga, Dr. John Tibbits: jtibbits@conestogac.on.ca; 519-748-3500; @ConestogaC

President of Confederation College, Jim Madder: jim.madder@confederationcollege.ca; 807-475-6350; @Confederation

President of Durham College, Don Lovisa: don.lovisa@durhamcollege.ca; 905-721-2000; @DC_Pres

President of Fanshawe, Peter Devlin: president@fanshawec.ca;  519-452-4200 @PresFanshaweC

President of Fleming College, Dr. Tony Tilly: tony.tilly@flemingcollege.ca; 705-749-5535 @FlemingCollege

President of George Brown College, Anne Sado:  asado@georgebrown.ca;  416-415-5000 x4471; @GBCollege

President of Georgian, Dr. MaryLynn West-Moynes: marylynn.westmoynes@georgiancollege.ca; 705-728-1968 x1248; @georgiancollege

President of Humber College, Chris Whitaker: chris.whitaker@humber.ca; 416-675-6622 x4853; @humberpresident

President of Collége D’Arts Appliqués et des Technologie, Lise Bourgeois: libourg@lacitec.on.ca; 613-742-2493 x2852; @CollegeLaCite

President of Lambton College, Judith Morris: Judy.Morris@lambtoncollege.ca; 519-541-2410; @JudithMorrisLC

President of Loyalist College, Dr. Ann Marie Vaughan: AVaughan@loyalistc.on.ca; 613-969-1913 x2200; @amvaughan

President of Mohawk College, Ron McKerlie: ron.mckerlie@mohawkcollege.ca; 905-575-2222; @ronmckerlie

President of Niagara College Canada, Dr. Dan Patterson: dpatterson@niagaracollege.ca; 905-641-2252 x4040; @niagaracollege

President of Northern College, Dr. Fred Gibbons: gibbonsf@northern.on.ca; 705-235-7136; @mynorthernc

President of Sault College, Dr. Ron Common: ron.common@saultcollege.ca;  705-759-2554 x2409; @SaultCollege

President of St. Clair College, Patricia France: pfrance@stclaircollege.ca; 519-972-2701; @StClairCollege

President of St. Lawrence College, Glenn Vollebregt: gvollebregt@sl.on.ca;  613-544-5400 x1591; @gvollebregt

President of Seneca, David Agnew: david.agnew@senecacollege.ca;  416-491-5050 x77001; @SenecaPresident

President of Sheridan, Dr. Mary Preece: mary.preece@sheridancollege.ca; 905-815-4020; @sheridancollege  

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