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Ontario must STOP driver license suspensions without proper notice

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Do you have an Ontario driver's license?  Have you ever had a highway traffic ticket (15km over the speed limit? a prohibited turn? a rolling stop?,,,)?  Were you ever late (even by days) for paying such a ticket? 


The Ontario government may have suspended your driver's license without your knowledge.  Not only will you be charged a license reinstatement fee ($198) following payment of the ticket, but for the entire period that you are unaware of the suspension (at a minimum, one week), you will NOT be insured!  Even though you will be paying insurance premiums, your insurance company will NOT cover you, in the event of an accident.  You may be personally liable for millions of dollars related to an accident.   Even if you are lucky and do not have an accident, you may go years with no knowledge of your suspension and then need to go through the graduated licensing process to get your license back.  Your insurance rates will soar since you will be considered a new driver.

No one will tell you this!   Not the Attorney General, who orders the suspension (based on an outstanding fine of even $1).    Not the Ministry of Transportation.  Not the insurance companies, who will happily take your premiums, but will not provide any insurance.

Does this sound far fetched?  It's not - Read some stories from the Toronto Star:

In very small print, on the back of the actual ticket, you will see a single line which indicates 'if payment is not received, your driver's license may be suspended'.  After the Attorney General suspends your license, you may receive a notification from the Ministry of Transportation, 1 week later, by regular post.


If you are charged with drunk or dangerous driving or failure to remain at the scene of an accident, you will receive demerit points to a max of seven (from a total of 15) and you will receive 30 days ADVANCE notice of any impending driver suspension (including warning letters and interviews). 

Why does the Attorney General suspend your license with NO PROPER NOTICE for late payment of a fine (for an often small amount for a trivial infraction)?  They refer to it as an 'administrative suspension' but the consequences are horrific, if you have an accident. 

Which do you think is the worse crime?  Dangerous/drunk driving or late payment of a ticket?

Do not allow this to happen to you!

1.  Check that your license is not suspended NOW, especially if you have any outstanding highway traffic tickets or if you have ever paid a ticket after the due date.

2. Sign this petition and tell Kathleen Wynn that law abiding citizens should NOT be drastically penalized for late payment of a highway traffic ticket.   They should NOT be treated worse than drunk or dangerous drivers.  At a minimum, they should KNOW in advance, if they are driving with a suspended license and NO insurance.


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