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Protect my son, and all children at risk from wind turbine emissions.

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  Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario, is determined to push ahead with her "renewables scheme", in spite of the fact, that NO cost/benefit analysis has ever been done to prove that there is any benefit at all, to spending billions of taxpayers hard-earned dollars, on unreliable, unaffordable, renewables.

  To make matters much worse, Wynne has put nothing in place, to protect people from the harm caused by the wind turbine ensions, she has denied any wrongdoing, and denies the many, many heart wrenching testimonials of residents, unfortunate enough to be burdened with the harmful machines.

   My son Joey, is one of the children who will definitely be harmed.  I have a letter from his specialist, who has treated him, for 8 years, explaining how the noise would affect a child with severe sensory processing issues.  I also have documentation from his school, going back many years, telling of how they are accommodating Joey's needs, while he is at school.

   Kathleen Wynne has been made personally aware of my son's case, on many occasions, but she refuses to make any effort to help him.  I am desperate to bring attention to the problem, that many of us are having, with the unfair implementation of the GEA, in Ontario.  This is a problem, that is being experienced in countries all over the world, and it has to be dealt with NOW!

Please help us, by signing this petition, and sharing it far and wide.  As I said, this is an international problem, that needs all of our attention!

Thank you kindly, from all of the people fighting for justice, on this issue!

Why Does Wynne's Granddaughter Deserve Protection, But NOT My Son???

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