No parking fee's at hospitals

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Parking fee's at hospitals, overcharge us for things that we cannot control.
There are times in life where the unexpected happen, and injuries happen to people that are out of our control. These things make for stressful times, and could end up resulting in many things such as loss of work, physiotherapy, to medications. When these people are already dealing with something that was not intended, it's unsettling to know that when we are trying to help ourselves, We then have to pay to be able to park at the only place that is able to assist in the help that's required. As if the incident isn't already hard enough to handle. Some people are poor, some are wealthy, and some have more funds than we wish we could have. Why is there parking fee's when we already give enough to have such an establishment open for our care. A lot of these people are unable to afford to pay for parking let alone the medical bill they could have to ensure that the individual is being cared for, such as medication, cast, wheelchair, splint, etc.

During the 2016/17 fiscal year, the hospital received a total of $387,927 from patient and visitor parking. All revenue generated through parking fees went directly to support patient care services. All passes are non-refundable.

“Patients have made it clear they’re frustrated by the high rates,” Wynne said.  Premier Kathleen Wynne has turned her attention to hospital parking fees, reminding patients and their families that prices for long stays have been cut 50 per cent. 
Great, But what about those who are not there for long stay? It doesn't matter if its $5 or $20. It's a nuisance to have to take more time to pay for parking, when these patients generally, have to already pay for the required items to assist them in remaining in good health. 

Is anyone else tired of sitting in hospitals for hours at a time, to seek assistance about your health, or a loved ones health, then when it's all over you want to just go home, but are unable to do so because you first have to pay for parking, and then you are free to go? What if a person was in such a rush to head to the hopsital to ensure everything was okay, and they forgot their wallet? That can create problems because then the person will have more trouble trying to leave the building and parking lot because they don't have the means to pay the required payment.
Parking Should be FREE at a hospital, when it comes to health, their should not be an extra price tag on it.

Please share and comment your opinion, in trying to see a change to these parking fee's. For some, this is not something they are even able to afford. At that point are they forced to walk? If they cannot afford parking fee, they won't be able to afford an ambulance either. Should there be a price tag on your health?
OUR opinion matters to make a change.


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