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Lower Motorcycle Insurance in Ontario

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Motorcycle insurance in Ontario is staggering compared to other provinces. We're required to have an all-year riding season and min. $1,000,000 liability, which jacks up our rates. One simply cannot cause that much damage with a motorcycle, and even if there are incidents of this, they are extremely rare.

Bikes with "r" in their name cost 20% more to insure than their reduced fairing counterparts! For example, the cbr300r would cost me $3400 to insure compared to the cb300f at $2700. They are identical, down to the engine, except for their plastic fairings. Bike insurance has increased 70% in the past two years.

Riders in provinces like Alberta, Nova Scotia, B.C and the states pay considerably less. It's time we caught up. 

It seems as if Ontario hates riders and doesn't want people to enjoy themselves. Please sign so we can see change.

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