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Lift the pitbull ban in ONTARIO

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I am a dog lover. Many people are upset about this ban as many attacks since the ban and before are not even pitbull related! There are NO bad dogs just BAD owners with bad intentions. PITBULLS are NOT a BREED they were given this name as a nickname, These dogs are loyal, loving, smart, affectionate dogs that just want to give you love and receive love/safety in return! They look to us for EVERYTHING love, PROPER training, etc.

Please lift this ban we beg you!

We just want to be able to freely walk with our gentle fur babies without fear of someone making up an attack just to get our dogs put to sleep. People really need to educate themselves! Yes there are jerk people in this world who fought these innocent babies but they are nanny dogs. They were bred to love and care for children,

Any dog no matter breed can be vicious! Please reconsider lifting the ban for 2018..

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