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Guaranteed minimum income - Ontario, Canada

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As a first, justice based, step towards ending poverty, raise the income of Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program up to the experimental 1,900 a month being studied right now, and conduct a true test of the potential of the humans in Ontario.

These programs are how we take care of the most vulnerable among us, those without any money and no way to get it.  I am one of them.  It is not enough my fellow humans, it is not enough.  350 in rent? How are you ever going to get any peace? 383 for everything else? I literally couldn't work, can't work, because it made me want to kill myself - i have bipolar disorder and the depressive episodes, the psychosis, fuck - and that is barely enough to keep me from robbing stores. 

It goes up, after about a year and a half of appeals - which, by the way, everybody should see through, because you have about a 50/ 50 chance of winning - to 1128 dollars a month.  That's enough to declare bankruptcy - which costs 200 bucks a month - on the money you borrowed to live while you work frantically on getting better - and ya get your teeth done. Like every recipient of these programs, I rely on somebody else to get me through informally, or debt.

Please, as a basic act of justice, expand this stalling tactic of an experiment in a basic income to those who cannot work, for whatever reason, please. Unleash the potential of the citizens of Ontario.  I, for example, have written 8 books of poetry in the year that I have been on these programs.  And I am grateful to the tax payer and the rule of law that they are there.  Tax day should be a celebration. And remember, vote with your dollar - first party to promise it gets a cash infusion, ya know?

I love you.

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