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Waive second semester tuition for Ontario college students. #tuitionpetition

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We the Ontario college students of 2017-2018 demand compensation.

As the 2017 OPSEU strike enters it's fourth week, talks continue to break down and there is no plans to get the half million of us back to the classes we paid for. Due to no fault of our own, we are being forced into an extended semester of classes in an attempt to make up for lost time due to the strike. This may not mean much more than a minor inconvenience to the colleges and faculty, as they still get paid and can afford their expenses. The students however, do not receive strike pay. We expected the ability to work over the Christmas holidays in order to pay our second semester tuition and living expenses. 

Even with the extension of the semester, it is now to the point that we will not be able to catch up the lost month of classes without either leaving out course material or rushing through it. This is going to hurt the quality of our education and the effects will follow us throughout the rest of our academic and working careers, as we will be missing information that we should be learning.

This strike has now not only cost us the quality of our education, but also our ability to provide for ourselves and our in some cases our families. Not only will we be receiving a lower quality education to catch up, we are also burdened with the additional stress of how to pay for it. Our earning opportunity has been unjustly stolen from us and it is not acceptable.

The colleges and faculty have shown us that the quality of our education is not their first priority and are not living up to the contractual obligations of providing us with the education we are paying for. They seem to forget that we, the students, are the whole reason for the college system. In an age where most of our education is taught by PowerPoint and YouTube tutorials, the colleges greatly overestimate their value to us as a service, and need to start putting students first. 

We demand that the colleges and OPSEU get us back to class immediately and solve this issue in a less archaic and destructive way. Show us that our education is your priority, compensate us for the lost income opportunities by waiving our second semester tuition and let's get back to work.

We deserve the right to focus on trying to catch up from this mess, rather than stress over how to pay for it. We are not your bargaining chip; this is our future.

Sign this petition to show that we will not be short changed our education or our livelihood. 

#studentsfirst #wepaytolearn #tuitionpetition

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