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Don't allow transgenders to use opposite sex bathroom in public schools.

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Less than 1% of the population fall into the category of transgender and everyone else is having to put up with laws and regulations that suite them best. This Petition is not to throw shade at them, but to bring awareness to everyone who doesn't already know that Canada is in discussions at the provincial level to allow transgender students at public schools use the bathroom of the opposite sex if that's how they choose to identify themselves. For example, a boy would like to be identified as a girl would be allowed to use the girls bathroom. I don't want my little girl in grade 1 sharing bathrooms with a person in the sixth grade with male genitalia. Why should 99% of the population have to bend to every whim and will of the liberal government because less than 1% of the population are inconvenienced by using the bathroom they belong in?

Solution? Either they continue to use the bathroom that matches their genitalia, or use the single bathrooms which offer optimum privacy. Realistically speaking, there would be less than 10 students per school assuming that particular school has 1000 students. Is it that hard to accommodate 10 students? Or must the other 990 students have to be made uncomfortable and potentially harassed by those 10?

Again, this petition is not to debate or dispute whether being transgender is right or wrong, rather to not allow opposite sexes to share bathrooms. This is immoral and unethical and needs to stop right here and right now. Sign and show your support before it is too late. Thanks to everyone and I wish you all the best. 

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