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Did you know in 2015 and 2016 Ontario chose not to monitor household food insecurity? 

Food insecurity is more than having access to an adequate amount of nutritious food. There are many economic, social and cultural barriers that limits one from having the choice to choose healthy and affordable food.

Food insecurity continues to rise in marginalized communities such as those who are homeless, live in rural areas, and are of a low socioeconomic status. Although, the government provides social assistance, it does not account for the inflation of food costs. By understanding what influences household food purchases, we are aware that accessibility to affordable food, and supermarkets within a reasonable distance, can determine what type of food individuals purchase. Individuals who do not have access to good nutritious foods are often those who develop chronic illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Unfortunately, the prevalence of theses diseases has become a burden to our healthcare system, and has led to an increase in federal and provincial health care costs. Canadians have seen an increase in taxes to mitigate this, making it an issue for everyone (Alini, 2018). We believe there is an opportunity to voice our concerns about food security at this time as Ontario is currently in an election year.

We want Ontario's Political Parties to address food security in their platforms and and for the next Premier to develop a food strategy. Our suggestions include: 

  • An annual report/measure of household food insecurity
  • Provide tax incentives to supermarkets to provide affordable foods
  • Provide tax incentives to companies to donate their food instead of throwing it out
  • Increase affordable supermarkets in areas that are considered to be food deserts
  • Subsidize school nutrition programs for Ontario students

Please sign this petition and help our dreams of ensuring all Ontarian's have access to good nutritious food! It's time to get the ball rolling!