Defend The Updated Ontario Sex Education Curriculum

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Defend The Updated Ontario Sex Education Curriculum

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Sign this petition to send a thank you for the update to the Ontario Sex Education Curriculum, it was far over due and much appreciated :) We need to show that many more people are happy and welcome the changes.

"Teaching about sexual health and development does not increase sexual behaviour, and can actually prevent risky sexual activity."

Facts like those are found in Government of Ontario documents:
What is in the Health and Physical Education Curriculum? (New!)
Grades 1-6 Parent's Guide
Grades 7-12 Parent's Guide 
Full Curriculum + More Resources (en Français ici)
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Quick Summary:
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Many ill-informed voices are taking over the social media sphere. Fueled by a ridiculous protest to pull kids out of school, there is an attempt to persuade public opinion and roll us back to a curriculum made before most of us had access to the internet [1].

What's at stake here is our kids learning the body of scientific and psychological knowledge we've researched and gained in the past two decades. This education is meant to protect our children from sexual harassment, sexual assault [2], unwanted pregnancies, and sexually transmitted infections [3].

Those parents do have a choice and no one is stopping them from removing their kids from sex education classes. But public policy should be that every student deserves access to sex education, an education that just so happens to protect those equipped with the knowledge.

The fact of the matter is we're living in the internet age, the holes in our education will have our young kids searching on Google, and some of those search results will be flat out incorrect information. So I ask who would you like teaching our kids: properly equipped and respectful teachers who are our neighbours, friends, and family; or having our kids learn from the internet which could be from anyone, misinformed, and from anywhere. The third option, regrettably, is our children go off doing something preventable and having to suffer the consequences.


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Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 29,750 supporters!

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