Children and Adults with Cerebral Palsy should have the SDR surgery funded out of country

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WE are petitioning the government to change the legislation in regards to all people with cerebral palsy requiring selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery.

The Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy aka SDR surgery was announced by the Wynne government it will be offered in Ontario at 2 hospitals, 10 kids per year ages 5-7 only.
1 in 500 kids in Ontario are born with Cerebral Palsy, 10 kids per year is not enough with the rates not to mention the long wait times to have assessments, diagnosis's and being assessed for surgery. It can take over a year and the child can age, have more deformities  etc the longer they wait. Esp to be told they are not eligible for the surgery in Ontario.

We petition the government to provide safe single level SDR and/or medical studies, journal articles and research on the multilevel SDR where several lamina are affected.

The age limit is arbitrary since the hospital for kids in St Louis performs SDR on teens and Adults. This is not acceptable, equitable, universal or right It is most certainly not FAIR for all the disabled people with cerebral palsy who could have life altering surgery to fix feet, knees, hips, speech and cognition.

The Cost of going to the USA for SDR is very expensive over $140 000.00 out of pocket for the families, relying on Fundraising and charity. Not only are we petitioning for the #runcameronrun campaign but every child, teen and adult in Ontario to have the equitable and universal fair access to the surgery as well as have OHIP fund people who have to go to the USA for this surgery.

Time is of the essence for these children with CP due to the side effects of CP on their bodies- feet, knees, hips, speech and cognition. SDR greatly affects their quality of life.

The multi level version vs the single level version is not being performed in ontario which it should be according to medical research, abstracts, journals etc.

Any child, teen or Adult with Cerebral Palsy that has to leave the province for the SDR single level version should be accepted by OHIP funding

Having to rely on a gofundme page for volunerable children, teens and adults doesn't seem very universal or equitable. And it most certainly is not FAIR. is ONE Child being left behind by the Wynne government. This is not fair.

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