Advocate the increase of income security programs for families

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Ontarians should advocate for health benefits for low-income families and the change in the social assistance program. The government should fund more money to families and community recourse should step up and do more. Who wants a child to live in poverty? According to child poverty status, children are more than likely to have low education, health problem, behavior disorder, and become developmental delay.The importance of advocating a change in income security programs would hopefully bring families and children the support and encouragement needed. 

We can advocate and provide support for children and families in poverty. Families and children can live a stable life, such as proper nutrition, health care, sanctuary, and well-paid jobs. By doing so, families can afford necessities to live. If we are committed to ending child poverty, there will be none. There are ways we can start volunteering in assisting families in need where we can encourage and support them, and to also help children by giving them hope is a start. Children need our help, so they can flourish in our society as the whole child.