Petition Closed

The FSAC-SPCA (formerly the Kent County SPCA), has picked up a dog they labeled as a stray hit by car. It turns out, not only was Chuckie the lab NOT a stray, but had not been hit by a car either. His owner found out he was being held for his injuries as a "dog at large". He contacted the SPCA, was told how much the fee would be to reclaim his precious dog. He explained the wounds were from a medical condition, and has the vet records and reports to prove the medical condition. The owner was then informed the SPCA was pursuing cruelty charges against him and refused to release Chuckie. They have threatened with euthanasia as well. We hereby demand the FSAC-SPCA releases Chuckie back to his owner immediately. As well as the state of Delaware to finally take a stand against the FSAC-SPCA and hold them and their executive director, Kevin Usilton, liable for their illegal and immoral actions!

Letter to
Delaware State House
Delaware State Senate
Delaware Governor
and 1 other
Chief Prosecutor, DE Attorney General's Office Kathleen M. Jennings
Free Chuckie