Lucasfilm: Remove J.J. Abrams as director of Star Wars Episode IX

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Joan M
2 weeks ago
Je signe parce que c'est bidon, et ils ont tout foiré, il ne faut surtout pas que J j Abrams tourne l'épisode 11 de la 4 ème trilogie !! il parait que ce sera encore lui ! surtout pas !!!

il vaux mieux Jon Favreau à la limite ! lui au moins il a compris. Mais alors jj abrams et l'autre rian johnson machin... STOP

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Keshav Lincoln
May 16, 2022
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Mr. Keshav Gupta

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Philip Castellano
Dec 21, 2021
It's never too late

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Ewan Dewar
Oct 4, 2021
Episode IX has already come and gone I’m afraid, but I agree with what you’ve had to say in this petition of your’s about what’s in need of being done after how it turned out with especially the presence of Darth Sidious after his demise in Episode VI.

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Jesse Slewitzke
1 year ago
JJ Abrams over did force awakens and rise of skywalker and in fact, force awakens was just a rehash or basically a remake of episode 4 a new hope. That proves that those guys along with those at Disney who were obviously inept at storytelling and understanding what Star Wars is really supposed to be about. Sign this petition and let’s take back Star Wars. Let’s do it, fans.

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Ted Rhodes
1 year ago
JJ Abrams is a trash human

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Brandon Blair
2 years ago
I don’t want J.J. Abrams to ruin any upcoming movies like he did the new Trilogy. The Star Wars timeline took a major hit with all this cloning and artificial Snoke business.

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Casey Jehoich
2 years ago
Jj Abrams destroyed the star wars universe

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Misty Ross
3 years ago
I know I’m late in signing this but I don’t care this petition should be now used to run him and the others who now ruined a most beloved story out of Hollywood. I may be a Kylo/Rey fan but J.J. Abrams and Johnson ruined a story I’ve been a fan of for 23 years and because he and the others are so money hungry. I’m upset with Disney for ruining another one of my childhood memories that I had with my grandma who watched them with me every year before she passed away. Thank you Disney, bob and Katherine you ruined my greatest memories

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Martin Solorio
3 years ago
Worst story writing in history, hes made me not like star wars anymore, killed off han solo, turned luke skywalker in a douche, and made a random feminist the strongest jedi without any training just cuz