Stop Kenney’s hate propaganda

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Jason Kenney has been delivering a steady stream of hate propaganda against the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau both verbally, on his website, and in distributed flyers.  This has escalated during the Alberta Election and he must be held accountable.  Allowing this rhetoric to continue unchecked will demonstrate that it is acceptable to violate the Criminal Code of Canada, not to mention the Charter of Human Rights. This behavior is damaging the fabric of our human rights in Alberta and escalating to the point where he may even be inciting violence.  Not only are his comments defamatory and based on lies, he is purposefully creating an atmosphere of rage and directing this hatred by vilifying Justin Trudeau.  This is setting a dangerous precedent which I feel will encourage further violation of Hate laws in Canada.  Already we have seen members of the UCP campaign making harmful comments in regards to LGBTQ2SA+ , environmentalists and Muslim communities.

Hatred, in the context of the Criminal Code, is predicated on destruction, and hatred against identifiable groups or persons and thrives on insensitivity, bigotry and destruction of both the target group and of the values of our society. Hatred in this sense is a most extreme emotion that belies reason; an emotion that, if exercised against members of an identifiable group, implies that those individuals are to be despised, scorned, denied respect and made subject to ill-treatment on the basis of group affiliation.

In 2013, Justice Rothstein, speaking for the unanimous court, explained the meaning of "hatred" in similar terms, in relation to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code:  In my view, "detestation" and "vilification" aptly describe the harmful effect that the Code seeks to eliminate. Representations that expose a target group to detestation tend to inspire enmity and extreme ill-will against them, which goes beyond mere disdain or dislike. Representations vilifying a person or group will seek to abuse, denigrate or delegitimize them, to render them lawless, dangerous, unworthy or unacceptable in the eyes of the audience. Expression exposing vulnerable groups to detestation and vilification goes far beyond merely discrediting, humiliating or offending the victims.

I believe that Jason Kenney should be held accountable under the following sections of the Criminal Code - Section 319(1): Publicly inciting hatred & Section 319(2): Promoting hatred, with an order to retract his comments, and cease and desist immediately.