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Apologize to everyone who uses a feeding tube of any kind for survival.

People use feeding tubes in order to live. Most do not do it for weight loss. The comments that were made on the 4/16/2012 show were very hurtful.


This is the show in question at the 5:11 mark is where they begin:


 I found what you said today about tubes really hurtful.

You made comments today about feeding tubes and carrying your food around in a bag. While I realize you were being funny and all, what you said was hurtful. Many people in this world are tube fed in order to survive and gain weight.

Your comments about the tubes in order to lose weight were not well thought out. While I realize you did it for humor sake, they hurt. They were not funny. And they hurt people. Please reconsider what you said and consider an apology..


Please do the right thing and apologize for what you said.




This is a link to a petition protesting the use of feeding tubes as a weight loss gimick. It is a very important petition to sign as well.

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