Exeter Respect Festival on Campus!

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Please help support a much-needed diversity celebration on campus at the University of Exeter – Exeter Respect Festival on Campus!

This has been motivated through the recent exposure of prejudice and discrimination amongst students. There is a time to say NO – we did that at the rally outside the Forum, and we need to continue saying no... but there also needs to be a time to say YES, you are welcome, I feel welcome, we are all relations. We could all benefit from a positive counter-balance to the recent negativity. Students can embrace the sentiments of respect and say a positive ‘me too’ and celebrate who they are, who they live alongside and hopefully educate those amongst us who need to see the beauty that happens when people with difference backgrounds, cultures, sexual orientation .. just people ... come together and are kind to one another.

The Managing Director of Exeter Respect Festival has given her backing to arrange a Respect Festival on Campus. This would be a one day event filled with live music, performances, food and dance would be held at the end of May in Term three. This could happen this year and annually, serving as a permanent and proactive reminder of the delight of embracing diversity, as opposed to us only thinking about it when things go wrong. It would be an open-access (no charge) and (probably) outdoor venue opportunity to bring people from different backgrounds together. 

News Flash: even before this petition went live the Guild and University had come together in support of this event and are now actively looking into making it happen! Hurray! This petition is now a pledge of solidarity to unite the whole campus community to promote inclusivity and respect. Yes! Yes! Yes! Let’s show that the student and staff body are behind this much-needed expression and celebration of unity. Alumni and Guild Associate members - you're welcome to join in and sign up too!

As those of us attending the recent anti-discrimination rally outside the Forum called out, “All different. All equal.”

Please sign the petition to show your support for Exeter Respect Festival on campus!