Bring young Peter and family home to Newham

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No child should be torn from their home, their friends, school and community. We ask that Newham Council brings Peter and his family back home to live, work and stay in Newham. 

Peter Mwangi, a 14-year-old who lived in the London Borough of Newham all his life, was re-housed in Bradford by Children and Young People’s Services with his mum in May 2018. They were labelled ‘intentionally homeless’ by Newham Council’s Homelessness Reviews Team. This decision has been devastating for their family and for our community. No parent makes their family ‘intentionally homeless’. Peter was a treasured member of our local youth choir.. He was a hard working and much liked student at his school. We are in regular contact with Peter and his Mum. They are not at all happy in Bradford. Their new home is unhealthy and incredibly damp with black spores of mold growing in every room. Peter is trying his best to integrate into his new school, even though he is now in Yr 10 and about to take his GCSEs so it's particularly difficult. He messages his best friends from Newham daily.

Peter wants to come back to where he grew up and where his grandmother, aunt and friends live. They want him back in Newham.. we want him back as a strong contributor to our choir, as a singer and as a kind, model Newham citizen and supportive team member.

We are starting a petition in the hope that as many people as possible will sign it and share it, in order to put pressure on Newham Council to bring Peter and his family home to Newham where they belong. Peter has a baby sister who was born in December 2018 and it goes without saying they all need to be close to their friends and extended family.