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Katherine "Baby Kate" Phillips needs a voice in the media!

Katherine Phillips has been missing for four-months, since June 29, 2011 when she was 4 1/2 months old. "Baby Kate" is now eight-months old and national media has NOT picked up her story like her many supporters have hoped.  

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She needs someone to be her voice in the national or worldwide media; someone to help procure national media coverage for her story.  It is important to get her name and face out to the public so as many people as possible are informed of her missing, in hopes she will be found.

Letter to
John Walsh
I just signed the following petition addressed to: John Walsh.


Dear Mr. Walsh,

We come asking your help today with heavy hearts.

Katherine Shelbie-Elizabeth Phillips was 4 months old when she was last seen in Ludington, MI on June 29, 2011. Kate's mother, Ariel Courtland, reported that Kate's father, Sean Phillips, drove off with the infant after a fight between Ariel and Sean. Within hours, the Ludington Police Department arrested Sean Phillips on the charge of felony Kidnapping. Once paternity was proven to the court, the charges were reduced to the less serious Parental Kidnapping. While Sean Phillips remains detained and awaits trial, he has maintained his innocence and reports Kate's mother, Ariel Courtland, was the last one to see Kate.

Commonly and lovingly referred to as “Baby Kate,” we would like help in finding out what happened to this innocent child. Ludington Police seemed doomed from the start in handling this case. Starting with the delayed Amber Alert; this is the only time a press conference on “Baby Kate’s” disappearance, has been held. Here are links regarding the delay:

There has been little-to-no media attention given to “Baby Kate’s” disappearance. Ms. Courtland went on local news stations within the first couple weeks to ask for help locating Kate, but seemed more concerned with funding a possible funeral expense fund instead of really finding her. It was reported that the FBI was helping local officials, but it seems they have not stepped up like in other cases of missing children. Kate’s official Silent Observer Reward Fund sits under $2000, but this could be due to the mother receiving donations to a personal fund set up before the Silent Observer fund was set in place. This is much too many peoples’ disappointment and sadness. We, the concerned, have a hard time wondering how any mother could think so morbidly – just days after their child went missing.

“Baby Kate” lived in a heavily forested area of Michigan, the backdrop of miles of beaches and Lake Michigan and yet the searches were called off very early in the investigation. Is 20 days standard procedure? Was enough area searched for this precious baby? The National Guard was not brought in. Volunteer searches were unorganized and discouraged by local police. Could someone have missed an important piece of evidence somewhere?

Why doesn’t law enforcement seem to do more to find out the truth and to find Kate? As of midnight on 10-21-11, those are questions over 1100 people want answered. A petition was started to help get those answers.

“Baby Kate” does have a voice on Facebook. Several pages have been dedicated to finding her and the truth about her disappearance. A couple are pages with nothing buts facts, a few are pages which speculate on what exactly happened the afternoon of June 29, 2011 and who exactly was involved and why; but ALL are concerned for finding Kate alive and safe; happy and well. We need help; we being these “Baby Kate people” on Facebook; doing what we can to help spread the word she is missing and she needs to be found.

Nancy Grace picked up Kate’s story for about a week. Unfortunately, Kate disappeared at the end of the Casey Anthony trial. Marc Klaas has recently signed on to help find her and agrees: this case should have had resolution by now.

Mr. Walsh, the bottom line is this: Ludington Police need more help in dealing with a case of this caliber. It is beyond their normal range of crime. And most importantly, Kate needs more media attention. Local northern Michigan news is NOT enough to find this missing child. If Kate is alive out there, where is she? Nothing so far points to Kate being deceased and because of the delayed Amber Alert, “Baby Kate” might not even be in the United States any longer. We, the concerned, need your help in guiding law enforcement to take the correct avenues and the media to pick up this story full force, like they have for other recently missing children. Katherine Phillips needs a national voice respected by the people. She needs an advocate who will stand up and demand the truth. To demand someone take responsibility for finding this child or to help command national, or even worldwide, media attention for her. Please, be that advocate; be that voice.

Thank you in advance for your time and support. Should you have any questions regarding this petition, please contact: