Spade and Bourdain's families screwed by system


Spade and Bourdain's families screwed by system

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In one week, two legends - Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain - died from suicide.

For both, stigma was a significant cause of not seeking the support they needed.

Had Kate Spade been diagnosed with cancer, would she have felt the same pressure to protect her brand from her illness? Had Anthony Bourdain broken his leg and not been able to travel or cook, would he have feared asking for help?


But why? 

Even within their close family and friends, Bourdain and Spade did not have the support they needed.

Spade's family had her in with the best doctors, and wanted to help. Her husband and her built a company They did not have the knowledge or support to make sure she was okay. 

Family caregivers of those with depression are unequipped to save loved ones from suicide, and actually get them the treatment they need. Because of this constant strain to be better for their loved one, caregivers themselves have a 1/3 chance of developing depression. 

Caregivers need support too. And right now, they don't have it. 

The public health system doesn’t have the resources to support family caregivers, and is leaving them exhausted, warn out and unable to provide support to their loved ones in crisis. The facts are disgusting and need to change. For example:

  • It takes more than 6 months for someone to be seen by a psychiatrist after leaving the hospital from a suicide attempt (link)
  • As many as three out of four youth don't access the mental health services they need (link)
  • New hospitals are being built with limited to no dedicated mental health resources (link)

In large Canadian cities, there is 1 social worker for over 700 family caregivers. In some of Canada's biggest cities, caregiver support is only available to "parents with children under the age of 20 who have been hospitalized". This is ridiculous.

Every day in Canada, almost 300 people visit the ER after a suicide attempt. You may not know who that person is today, but someone in your family or friend group will be impacted by mental health.

When that time comes, what would you do? How would you make sure their battle with depression turns out differently than Spade's or Bourdain's?

Make sure you and your family have the support you need. Demand action from our government and sign the petition! 

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This petition made change with 464 supporters!