Spade and Bourdain's families screwed by system

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Victory - First of many wins

Since starting this petition, we've done two things to change the landscape for caregivers in Canada. First and most importantly, this petition helped us connect with caregivers themselves, and begin supporting them RIGHT NOW. If you know someone supporting a loved one with depression or anxiety, please ask them to email . Right now, we'll leverage all the research and partnerships we have to answer any questions they have or problems they encounter within 24 hours of their email. Second, we've taken this petition with us as we talk with major government stakeholders including provincial Telemedicine Networks, Local Health Integration Networks, and major health centres like U of T and CAMH. They're all listening, and interested in helping! While it will be a long process, we are getting towards the change we need in caregiver mental health support. THANK YOU FOR HELPING MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Best, Morgan Rosenberg CEO, Supports Health

Supports Health
3 years ago