ASD children need government funded Autism specific schools

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Every day I hear many stories similar to mine and it's time something is done about it.  Numerous families deal with a major lack of support from the schools their children attend and as a consequence suffer through numerous suspensions, days where their children's anxiety is too high to leave the house and meltdowns because they are expected to fit into an environment that is not suitable for them.  Instead of expecting children with a disability to 'learn to deal with bullying', the bullying should be stopped.  Instead of suspending a child because they have become sensory overloaded and left a classroom without seeking permission; support movement breaks.  Why are there special schools that our children cannot access because they may have an IQ too high for enrolment, yet they cannot cope with mainstream school and the lack of support?  Why can't our children acess a learning environment of 1 teacher and aide to approximately 7 students?  The system is failing our kids and more needs to be done to provide them with an environment that is conducive to learning; because expecting a square peg to fit in a round hole is expecting the impossible.  Our kids need schools specific to their complex needs.  Schools that will support their learning, social skills, defecits and encourage their individuality.