Stretford Red Light & Speed Camera A56 Chester Rd M32

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Trafford Council has changed the speed limit on the A56 Chester Rd from 40mph to 30 mph and the change has not been highlighted to the public through the media press conference or the signage on the road itself. The Camera in question which was catching motorists going through red lights (Only) has now been changed to catch drivers going over 30mph, most drivers still think its a 40mph zone, some drivers are getting speed fines dropping in as much as three or four a week still unaware on the new speed limit. The warning signs which are small 30 signs by Trafford Council are at least a half a mile back on the A56 with inadaquate signage. How long more are the drivers goin to fall for this? they are catching 400 drivers a day over this money making racket. Please sign this petition so we can send it to the MP of Stretford Kate Green.