Urgent: Calling on Governor Kate Brown for Fairness in Oregon College Sports

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Governor Brown is allowing NCAA Division I teams in Oregon to play basketball but has refused to allow any of the smaller NAIA schools to participate. This is very unusual since no other state in the nation is completely prohibiting NAIA schools from competing. NAIA teams must play a minimum of 10 games before March 1st in order to be eligible to play in the National Tournament. This means that we have less than 8 weeks! 

Remarkably, both Oregon State University and University of Oregon have invited NAIA schools from other states to play basketball on their home courts even though the NAIA schools in Oregon are not allowed to practice or play. This is discrimination against small colleges and universities outside of NCAA Division I and goes against the core values and commitment to equality in the state of Oregon. 

The Cascade Collegiate Conference submitted a Return-to-Play COVID-19 testing program modeled after the approved NCAA Division I testing programs to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). OHA has reviewed the plan and returned it to the Governor’s office - but no further steps have been taken, despite repeated attempts to find a productive path forward. To quote Coach Chad Meadors at Bushnell University, “If it is safe for some, it is safe for all.”

There are young student athletes who have yet to play. There are seniors who are losing the last season of the sport they love. There are teams that could lose the opportunity to represent Oregon at the national level. We need your help to encourage Gov. Brown to allow NAIA schools to have the same opportunities as NCAA Division I. Please join us in these efforts – we need your help now!