That Governor Kate Brown has the OED release the numbers of people still in adjudication.

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At this time, many Oregon citizens are facing uncertain times, with Oregon peaking at a current 14.2% Unemployment rate. 

Many people are stuck in an unprocessed state or have their claims on hold due to a "limbo" to quote several OED UI employees.  This limbo is adjudication; the state only has 90 personal to process these claims to determine the cause of separation from one's employer. The only answer that one can get is it "takes anywhere from 10-12 weeks" Many have waited far longer than this. 

Oregonians are desperate! And now that the state employees are now shedding light on what it is like on the inside.

It is time for the OED to stop giving the people of Oregon lip services and hiding behind the fact that their system is outdated. 

We're hungry, on the verge of losing everything, and see no hope in sight.

Kate Brown, please have the system of adjudication streamlined as you did to the waiting week.