Tell Oregon politicians: OPPOSE PIPELINES AND LNG

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The proposed Jordan Cove LNG project and the Pacific Connector Pipeline is not as good as big corporations would have you think.

They argue it will bring economic growth to the area, but that's not really the truth. The jobs that it would bring are mostly temporary and the permanent jobs are likely to be given to skilled workers from elsewhere. A side effect of LNG export as according to the US Energy Information Administration is a possible domestic gas price increase of 10%-20%, which has even lead companies like DOW Chemical and Alcoa to come out in opposition of it. We in Coos Bay would not see very much economic growth from the project, as it is an export project, meaning we will not directly benefit from this pipeline or the LNG itself.

What this project would do however is put our precious environment in immediate danger, as well as violate the treaties that are in place with native tribes and infringe on peoples property rights. The Jordan Cove project would allow huge tankers to come into the bay which presents the risk of a spill, and the proposed South Dunes Power Plant would become the most polluting plant in the state. For the pipelines to be built, they would have to clear cut old growth forests, intrude onto BLM land that is publicly owned, lay down eminent domain on owners of private property, and go under multiple waterways and bodies of water where it could leak or rupture in the building process and cause an environmental catastrophe in our watersheds. We see that pipelines explode, leak, or fail all around the United States, and the construction company for the pipeline has had several pipeline failures in the recent past. This is an especially bad problem for Southern Oregon which is prone to wildfires and is expecting a subduction zone megaquake in the near future.

The Klamath and Yurok tribes both oppose this pipeline, and both the Karuk and Rogue Valley Indian tribes do not support this pipeline. For a while, Oregon politicians have been hesitant to oppose the pipeline, but just last December, Senator Jeff Merkley publicly opposed the pipeline which caused a bit of as stir, but we should send a message to the other Oregon politicians that they shouldn't be afraid to oppose it either, and that they should stand by their peoples-including environmentalists and indigenous peoples-against a project that is a scam for our local economy, and a threat to our environment, otherwise, it is very possible that opposition to the pipeline will lead to mass protest similar to what was seen at Standing Rock in 2016 with the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Hopefully it doesn't come to that, but we will not allow this pipeline to be built!!

Tell Governor Kate Brown, Senator Ron Wyden, Congressman Peter DeFazio, Congressman Greg Walden, State Representative Caddy McKeown, and State Senator Arnie Roblan to speak out and oppose the Jordan Cove LNG project and the Pacific Connector Pipeline, and to do everything they can do to prevent the project from going forward.