Reopen Central Oregon

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On March 13th we were called to flatten the curve. We were called to do it for one big reason; to not overwhelm our frontline medical workers. 

Well, good news Central Oregonians—as of April 21st KTVZ reported St. Charles discharged its last COVID-19 patient! That’s right, we did it! We flattened the curve. However, in an effort to flatten the curve we created a whole bunch of other nasty curves. Now it’s time to flatten the curve of poverty. To flatten the curve of anxiety and depression. To flatten then the curve of suicide. To flatten the curve of domestic abuse. To flatten the curve of business failure. 

According to the Bend Bulletin, Central Oregon is now at 12% unemployment. A number on the rise as unemployment across the country reached 23% according to Forbes, a number it took less than 2 months to hit. The Great Depression was 24.9% at its peak in 1933. A number it took almost 4 years to hit after the stock market crash of 1929. Meanwhile, Oregon’s unemployment system makes national headlines due to over 100,000 people not getting the funds they need to survive.

Respectfully the citizens of Central Oregon are ready to re-open our businesses, our churches, our parks, our forests and our schools. The onus of responsible behavior needs to be on the individual and not legislature. 

Governor Brown, if you allow us to re-open now we can fix the problems that are rising in our region. We can flatten those curves if you let us.

Re-open Central Oregon now.