Keep hands-on professionals out of Phase 1 reopening in Oregon

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Emee Pumarega
Jul 5, 2020
As much as I would like to bring my business to my favorite service providers, the virus won’t let us just go back to normal. We must be realistic about the pandemic and protect, respect, and support this important industry.

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Devon Swearingen
Jul 3, 2020
Personal services are not considered life risking career. not a life or death situation for a human to risk their health over during this pandemic. This pandemic is serious and we in the hair industry especially cannot stay 6ft away from out customers who might not show symptoms and already I have witnessed people coming in without a mask when they walk in, give us attitude about it or the only thing protecting us from the virus falls under the nose the mask helps but when used and used the whole time. This is stressful being back to work and I hate every second of the day knowing I could be exposed and take it to my family.

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Keshav Lincoln
Jun 25, 2020
I want you to vote to remove trump and Mitch McConnell out of the Oval Office today.

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Flip the senate and take back the White House today.

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Government is now reopening all states and cities.

The official government petitions are finally reopen.

Education and schools are reopening all states and cities.

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Sakura Tran
Jun 15, 2020
I’m a health service provider that works at cosmetic med spas .

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Katherine Ray
Jun 15, 2020
There is no way to be safely socially distant when massaging a client.

The Hippocratic Oath states “First, do no harm.” and putting Massage Therapists in regular direct physical contact with the public immediately with Phase 1 is risky enough to unknowingly put a client/LMT at direct risk for getting the Coronavirus.

I have Asthma, am very susceptible to respiratory illness, and on top of a degenerative peripheral neuropathy that has caused severe weakness and physical imbalance, my mother is suffering from a collapsed lung (that isn’t recovering) and fractured ribs from a fall. I’m currently her main source of help, and my being thrown back into work in direct physical contact with dozens of random people a week will put her already compromised health at far more risk.

I am currently forced to decide to risk my mom’s health just to be able to pay rent and bills, or quit my job to care for her and not be able to pay rent and bills - both of which cannot be frozen in my circumstances.

Though our work is very important, LMTs are not essential for everyone’s day-to-day functioning of society the way acquiring food and medical care are.

Spas are a luxury we can spare to delay. Everyone’s lives are priceless and shouldn’t be disregarded so easily - especially for the sake of consumerism and capitalism.

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Heather Sweeney
Jun 13, 2020
I am an lmt who believes that it's just too early for physical contact for so long and being hands on. Too soon, not enough information on safety is available. This risks unnecessary lives.

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Saumya Comer
Jun 12, 2020
Massage Therapy is skin to skin contact and sessions are 60-90 minutes. There can be no reasonable rationale for placing Massage Therapy in Phase 1.

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Connie Dyer
Jun 12, 2020
Let’s do everything we can to keep everyone safe. If massage therapists do not think we are ready I’m going to follow their advice.

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Jolene Wilson
Jun 12, 2020
I’m a massage therapist and I’m terrified to go back to work right now. I will lose my unemployment if I don’t. So it’s health over homelessness. Not good options either way. Help!

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Kamila Loupal
Jun 12, 2020
I am a massage therapist in Multnomah County. DO NOT INCLUDE US IN PHASE 1, including other service care workers that cannot social distance.