Fight for religious rights!

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Oregon courts have ruled in favour of a same sex couple who felt mentally raped after being refused service by a Christian Bakery.

wether you have seen the wonderfully grace of God and follow him, or just believe in human equality this is a violation of both.

Aaron and Mellisa Klein, a Christian couple and small business owners were refused their religious and human rights and were fined 135,000.00$ This type of action is not acceptable. Our western society is based on Christians values from those who fled the tyranny of the Roman Church.

you may ask yourself why not just make the cake and avoid the whole mess. Well being a Christian involves you standing strong in your beliefs. Just as it would be cruel and unfair to forcefully feed pork to a Christian or Muslim so is this.

Now everything we know is being used against us. If you stand for the rights of any group and stand against this Christian couple only seeking to be happy and provide a service for their community then you yourself are a hipacrit.


Please sign and let’s stop the evil tyranny coming into this world in a Trojan horse and stand for what is right.