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"Children in Crisis"

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Kids in Oregon & the other states, that charge  & sentence juveniles as adults in criminal courts and the serious damage that started since it changed the lives & the future and many children whom would have contributed and held our states future. Many of us have or know someone who's child experienced first hand a measure 11 charge. That sends a teen through a system designed for adult offenders. Now many children have no chance of any future and have suffered more and have been damaged more from a system that's designed for adults and research and studies have proven that  impact of children transfered to adult court. Six years ago I graduated Portland Community College with an Associates in Criminal Justice with interests of Juvenile Justice, I then transfered to Portland State for my Bachelors in Social Services, my plan to bundle and join the field to better serve and assist juveniles suffering at home in silence (not telling anyone) or acting out from other deeper issues than just being a bad kid. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine my grandson, whom didn't smoke cigarettes, weed and was in TAG talented and gifted, with future dreams of NBA, (well on his way with an amazing spin and dunk, & scouts at school basketball games asking his age and sighing from his age, not age ready for discussing future possibilities) never would any of us imagine one day being influenced to tag along with two over 18 year olds, (he just turned 16) would change his future & life completely the other direction. With the prosecutor having control and no one caring how it happened, why it happened or who he was before that day, he sits incarcerated and in solitary confinement for the first three months and then on suicide watch because he can't take anymore seclusion from others, nor can he take another day of unfair treatment at the hands of the staff or the system that has branded him an adult criminal offender. I'm not the only grandparent or family member saddened or frustrated at this measure 11 for children, he's not the only child paying dearly for one day a wrong decision. He called me for a ride home and I didn't go even though he begged me to come saying the people he was with was acting stupid. I regret that and he is regretting it also. Kids aren't adults and should not be charged or treated as them. They aren't all alike, kids are individuals and measure 11 is a grid that gives set sentences. Other states have raised the age, why can't Oregon?

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