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Why we should not be afraid of falling in love again?

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"I'm not afraid of falling in love again, I'm just afraid of getting hurt again." Yes, I know. Falling inlove again wasn't easy to do. And at same time you were frightend that falling inlove again might get hurt you again. And yes, we all know that our first heartbreak are the worst kind of pain. And our first heartbreak is always be the hardest. The hurt feels like in a million things. It could feel like pins and needles everywhere on your body. And it could be feel like many walls around you that no one can break it. Everytime you will see, encounter or met a guy, the first thing that will came up to your mind is that they are just the same. And yeah, guys maybe jerk sometimes but believe me, there are some of guys that you can't compare with. They can show you what true love is. Because real men won't hurt you and they will not let you cry because of them. And please, don't let your heart closed and hard as stone that no one can enter. Because people are temporary and feelings too. So don't attached too much to avoid heartache.

And especially God has a perfect time to meet your "the one" and all you have to do is to wait because unexpected time, place, person are the best. So don't lose hope. Make your past be your lesson in present and future. Enjoy your life and remember you are loved. Just go with the flow and be ready for your new journey and new challenges you'll take.

And I hope you learned something new from me. And always remember that you are not alone and your heartache will go, soon. Just open your heart and don't afraid of falling inlove again. Because love will find you.

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