Students Should Not Be Burdened With High Rent Increases During a Global Pandemic

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Amid the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, Theo Residence, a private off campus apartment complex for university students in Ottawa, has notified its tenants of upcoming spikes in rent. One student reported a 23% rent increase while other tenants are experiencing approximately the same. Students were notified of this unacceptable rent increase in the middle of a global pandemic, despite the fact that the Canadian Government is currently advocating for greater support and leniency for renters due to the economic hardship that many Canadians are facing. It is widely known that university students are dealing with the added stress of navigating online learning platforms due to the closing of schools all across Ontario. Theo residence and Katasa development group insensitively sent this disturbing information to its tenants without any regard for the current global situation. Clearly the well being of its tenants are not the company's top priority. 

Through supporting this petition, the young tenants of Theo residence will create awareness of this disgusting increase in rent and perhaps eliminate this increase.