Tell the Katahdin Wings to stop supporting animal cruelty!

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Tell the Katahdin Wing’s chapter of The International Organization of Women Pilots to halt the use of processed meat and dairy-based products for fundraising and educational purposes.

  • The Katahdin Wings are a non-profit all women’s pilot organization who accepts public support and donations.  The public has a right to know how the organization depreciates and expands its treasury. 
  • Processed meats are in the same poison category as asbestos, led, paint thinner and cigarettes with a direct link to cancer proliferation.  Marketing these items to children at fundraising events is no different than marketing cigarettes or alcohol.  The Katahdin Wings organization needs to lay to rest outdated traditions and cease the marketing, sale, and purchase of processed animal products. 
  • The Katahdin Wings organization votes often on how to allocate treasury funds.  If the organization votes on the purchase and sale of items such as plastic toys or leather-trimmed belts, then the organization should be voting on the purchase and sale of animal flesh for the purpose of education and fundraising events. 
  • Animal agriculture is responsible for the needless and inhumane slaughter of over one billion land animals as well as trillions of sea animals each year.
  • Humans have demolished over 96% of natural biomass to support societal development and animal agriculture.  Animal agriculture is the primary reason for ocean plastic pollution, water depletion, air pollution, land use, and the devastating effects of global climate change.  As the the lungs of our planet, (the Amazon rainforest) is on fire to make room for more grazing cows, now is not the time to be complacent, now is the time to be creative.
  • The commodifying of these animal-based products is taking a political stance.  It shows the public the organizations’s neglect to consider animal welfare in purchasing habits.  It also speaks volumes of the organization’s lack of acceptance of the global climate change crisis. 
  • The Katahdin Wing’s are an all women’s pilot organization; it is essential for pilots to study the weather every time they fly.  The climate crisis should be a concern to all pilots.  The animals and the earth are counting on us now to put our differences aside and make these necessary changes.  
  • We are petitioning the Katahdin Wings to ask the organization to halt the exploitation and needless slaughter of animals in the name of entertainment and aviation.  Fly-ins should be fun and educational, no animals should suffer in the name of aviation tradition.  

We are looking at the collapse of our species if drastic change in our diets by all of us is not made soon.  Rather than barbecuing our animal friends and the planet, offer alternative plant-based meals instead.

Some example meals:

X - Bean burritos

Y - Pizza

Z - Pasta

Plant-based and cruelty free dessert items can be muffins, brownies, cookies and more.

We do not need meat or dairy to survive, however we sure do need a planet. Of course, the animals should also get a say in the matter.  There is a reason factory farms do not have glass walls, all animals suffer and have a will to live.  The reality of animal agriculture and global climate change is grim;  it’s time to face these issues head-on with courage and leadership. 

Let’s take a firm stand and make our voice be heard! 

Thank you!

Dannielle E. Courchene

Retired United States Air Force

Former Chapter Chair,

Katahdin Wings