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Take Down Puppetstrings' Youtube Channel

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Puppetstrings is a YouTube channel for Creepypasta facts and etc. She makes false claims and facts through out all her videos such as claiming she works with authorities, claiming that her local police department tells her information about the "real Creepypastas".

Creepypastas are fictional short internet horror stories spread through chainmail and websites. They are all fiction, even popular ones such as Jeff The Killer, which was written by Sesseur and confirmed fiction. Another famous one is Ticci Toby, written by Kastoway, and again confirmed fiction. So many more Creepypastas were confirmed fiction by the authors themselves. Puppetstrings' gains popularity by having a young audience watch her videos and believe these fictional serial killers and etc are real. Many people are familiar with the Slenderman stabbing of 2014. That happened because those 2 girls who stabbed their friend believed in Slenderman. He is fiction, and so are all the other Creepypastas. So help my friends and I take down this channel. 

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