Will u stay still if the same thing as happend to Asifa happens to ur family member??

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It's just not only about Asifa's issue,but where is humanity going ?? City girl raped problem is city life style they said,teen girl raped problem is dressing style they said,but what they will say now?Asifa is just a small 8year old girl with simple dressing way also she is from a village..how innocent she is but what the devils have done to her??her father said-we have searched for Asifa everywhere but not inside the temple because we know it is a sacred place..these words are heart touching...when there are meat shops infront of the temple people protest but when a girl was allegedly raped inside the temple people doesn't protest.amazing justice.... people have time to protest a movie which shows women badly..but people don't have time to protest about asifa's issue..wow amazing justice...

If this goes on India will not at all be developed even in 2100... I want government response and my goal is to trigger some action by the government

The same thing is happened and happening to many of the women in India..but now where the constitution had gone..did it hide behind injustice??? The constitution says equal rights to men and women but now?? Where r equal rights?? Yes I'm feminist too...

What is happening to india? Is it developing?? What is government doing?? Is it ruling the citizens or ruining the citizens by its acts???

We want Justice for all this... Anyone are bold and strong to support me?? Asifa may not be your family member but her blood and your blood is indian...protest for justice...


My only and only final question to the readers of this petition is..if the same thing as  happend to Asifa happens to your family member then will you stay still??

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