Resuscitate Youth Centers in Karoi

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It is estimated that 60% of the youth are on illicit drugs Zimbabwe. The Vocie of America (VOA) Africa, in 2015 estimated the unofficial number of addicts in Zimbabwe to be between a million and 1.2 million countrywide. The Zimbabwean newspaper on 2 July 2014 said that the police were recording more than 100 cases of drug abuse every month in Harare alone while statistics from the Anti- Drug Abuse Association of Zimbabwe (ADAAZ) says up to 43 per cent of students know of schoolmates found in possession of cigarettes. The Herald, on August 14 2014 reported that 65% Zimbabwe youths suffer drug-induced mental problems.

In Karoi the prevalence of drug and substance abuse is increasing and these drugs are being used for recreational purposes.Adolescent boys and young men are the most affected population.There has been no official research done concerning the issue, however from general observation one can clearly see how much of a problem the issue of drug and substance abuse is in the community.

Youth Centres provide a safe and supervised facility for youth to engage in educational programs and leisure activities which encourage the growth of positive self-esteem.Youth Centres allow young people to drop in and participate in a variety of supervised activities.Centres offer a wide range of activities including: sports, study groups,home work assistance,art activities,chat time, and guest presentations on current issues. These sites connect youth with the local community, encouraging volunteerism to make a difference. Centres pride themselves on being smoke, drug and alcohol-free venues for young people to interact in a safe and non-judgmental environment.