Why Us? Whose responsibility is it anyway? Plight of Citizens in Apartments.

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Why Us? Whose responsibility is it anyway? Plight of Citizens in Apartments.

Fair Treatment and Protection of Rights to Citizens, residing in Apartments/Buildings

Dear Sirs,

I am sharing few thoughts, as a Citizen residing with a Family in an Apartment.

Before that, I would like to draw your attention to the following, which perhaps will help all of us, to reflect and communicate, on a common platform.

1)      How different are we, from another Citizen, who is resident of a House/Bungalow which is independent?

2)      In terms of, responsibilities and obligations, do we get different  or Special Services and Civic Amenities,  as Citizens from the State Authorities like BDA ( Bengaluru Development Authority) BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) , KPSCB(Karnataka State Pollution Control Board) or any other Governmental Service Provider be it State or the Central?

3)      Do we pay less Tax to BBMP or as Citizen, do we get a Subsidy anywhere in any form, being a RESIDENT/Owner of a Apartment or a Gated Community?

4)      Do we, get a Special or Subsidized Home Loan rates, from any Financial Institution, to own a Dwelling Unit which is in an Apartment or a Building?

While the above, is not exhaustive in any form or manner, the facts, will reiterate that the Citizens having their Dwelling Units, in an Apartment have the same rights and respects they deserve to live in Dignity, Peace and Happiness.

They deserve to be given Fair Treatment befitting all Citizens whether they live separately in an Independent House in the same locality or otherwise.

Citizens as Apartment Owners/Residents, are no different, from other Residents who stay independently.

I was going through the Mission and the Vision statements, of the Key Authorities which we as Citizens, living in our House/Apartments face on a day to day basis.

 Take, the case of Mission, as stated in Citizen Charter

Karnataka State Pollution Control Board.

“This  citizen’s  charter  emphasises  the Board’s  commitment  to  work  for  a  cleaner  and  greener  Karnataka.  This  is  part  of  our  endeavour  to  improve  our  responsiveness  to  the needs  and  demands  of  the  citizens  and  other  stakeholders  in  a  transparent  manner”.

How is the vision and mission of the Citizens living in Apartment, different from the Vision and mission as stated by KSPCB?

We as Residents of Apartment, through our good practises are indeed contributing to this mission of Clean and Green Bengaluru.

For an act, of omission or commission, if any, by the Developer or anyone concerned , the Authority has a right to Audit and help us out, to set things right under their Guidance and use the in-house specialist of KSPCB to be compliant as per the Norms set by the Authroity.

 Do not penalise , though you might impose by an act or by fine print which the well intended residents may not be aware , but willing to get rectified.

 The points to please note and to reiterate , is to make the Authority not only, to regulate, but also assist us to develop a Clean and Green Bengaluru.

Counsel and help us, so that, we as Residents/Owners know, by your actions, that you  indeed have a equal concern for Cleaner and Greener Bengaluru, so that there is no unnecessary anxiety among Apartment Owners/Citizens, for no fault of theirs, but who are eager and well intended, to comply all rules and regulations, under guidance if  so required.

Now take the case of BDA ( Bengaluru Development Authority)

The Stated Mission and Vision of BDA is

“To transform Bangalore to an ideal global destination with high quality infrastructure, better quality of life by ensuring sustainable and planned development based on effective monitoring, regulation, through participatory and innovative approach.

Plan, regulate, control, monitor and facilitate urban development in Bangalore Metropolitan Area, to ensure sustainable and orderly growth”

How is the vision and mission of the Citizens living in Apartment, different from the Vision and mission as stated by BDA?

Do we not have a minimal expectation to have as Citizen basic civic Amenities,Lakes, Tree Parks, Recycling Of Plants and other Civic Amenities which includes Environmental Planning.

We are here, to complement and volunteer and some Socially Conscientious Citizens are already contributing silently and doing their best to have a PEACEFUL, DIGNIFIED, HAPPY LIFE. These are the real SILENT People who are meeting our National Cleanliness Campaign of Swacch Bharath and Saccha Bharath.

We also aim and support to have Swacch Bengaluru and Saccha Bengaluru.

  • Help us to help You.
  • Do treat the Citizens residing in Apartments and Buildings, with same respect and dignity as you would to a Citizen living independently.
  • We are equal contributors ,to the growth of the Society and Nation at large.
  • Thanking You,


Yours truly,

Srinivasan T Seshacharya

Citizen  & Apartment Resident Owner