Every fluorescent light bulb contains a small amount of mercury, a toxic heavy metal, which poisons ground water when thrown out with regular trash. There is enough mercury in each CFL bulb to contaminate 6,000 gallons of clean water. Think of how many light bulbs you use each day and multiply that by 9 million of us here in Bangalore. This is a serious health issue.

While CFL light bulbs save a huge amount of energy, the new Indian E-waste laws exclude this category. This means that NO organization in Bangalore is legally allowed to recycle these items. Bangalore has authorized E-waste companies with machinery to process bulbs- but they must pay to have these items sent to landfill.

Letter to
Dr. Kumaraswamy Karnataka State Pollution Control Board
We realize that CFL and other light bulbs have been un-regulated by Indian's most recent Electronic Waste Rules. Unfortunately, light bulbs contain Mercury, which poisons our water systems. While in other countries, throwing away light bulbs is illegal, here, our legal system requires it. CFLs are absolutely "Hazardous Waste" and demand your attention.

Please, let us work together and find a solution for Bangalore's CFL bulbs.

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