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Dedicated lane/ flyover for two-wheelers, walkways for pedestrians in Bangalore

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Bengaluru has one of the largest population of two-wheelers. In fact, two-wheelers make up the majority of the traffic in Bengaluru. However, they are the least protected and most vulnerable population. The Bengaluru Traffic Police acknowledges this fact and several drives have been made to increase safety such as making helmets mandatory. However, this is not enough and does not address the main issue - unsafe roads. Poor, uneven roads are a common occurrence. Add to this mud, gravel, oil spills, garbage and of course killer speed bumps. On top of this, two-wheelers have to fight for space with cars, trucks, buses, tractors etc. More often than not, two-wheelers are stuck on the side or have to risk getting run over. It is high time that two-wheelers are given a safe environment to ply in. Having a dedicated two-wheeler flyover that is covered solves many problems - they occupy less space and will be cheaper than full scale flyovers. Most importantly, they will decongest  roads below. The flyovers should be covered so that two-wheelers will not have to worry when it rains. They can be coupled with spiral ramps that will be space saving and can be easily accessed by two-wheelers. In addition, this petition is also including space for pedestrians and bicyclists in the dedicated flyovers. 

Safetyprecautions such as CCTV, first aid kits, emergency phones should be included. Connectivity should be provided along main routes and mainly to train/ metro/ bus stations equipped with parking towers that can help bridge last mile connectivity problems as well. 

Currently opposition for steel flyovers in Bengaluru is understandable. However, this type of dedicated flyover is needed to make life bearable for the lakhs of commuters that risk life and limb everyday on our city's roads. We hope that we can reach a common ground that can help the citizens of our beloved city.

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