In Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh I want CHO Community Health Officers. Designation

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The State Nodal Officer

CPHC-UHC NHM Karnataka state

Anand Rao Circle Bangalore Karnataka

Subject: Clarification regarding issues of CPHC-UHC NHM contractual
employees (CHO/MLHP).
Respected sir,
With due respect to above cited subject there are some issues which needs to be clarified from
central and state level NHM and Ministries of Health & Family Welfare, to work smoother in designated
Health & Wellness Centers.
Sir, we are serving in HWC`s since 2017, there are some clarification which is very sensitive and
needs to be clarified, for clarification we are asking to Taluka and District level authorities but some
issues which cannot be resolved in district level. It has to come from State level & National level Issues is
an follows.
1) Deduction of Provident Fund (PF), employees Insurance Cover & Post retirement pention
2) Clarification on designation CHO (Community Health Officer) or MLHP (Mid LevelHealth care
Provider, Job Description HR Policy, and Leave Policy.
3) Incentives to be included in main salary
4) Creation of CHO Community Health Officers Council of India.
1. We have joined as CHO/MLHP Contractual employee,( NHM CPHC-UHC) do we eligible for PF
(Provident Fund) life Insurance/ Health insurance/Social security, if not kindly revise our policy,
sir last year Ms.ArchanaVarma markunda Bidar(CHO/MLHP) died due to ESL after prolonged
illness, her family didn`t get any types of benefits request you to do the needful.

CHO/MLHP & Job Description. At the time of joining it was told us that once you complete six
months BPCCHN Bridge course in IGNOU. You will be called as Community Health Officers
(CHO) of respective HWC, but still there is no clarification about designation. We joined after
completed BSc Nursing / AYUSH in CPHC-UHC program, In Central Govt. BSc Nursing Cadres
for Central Govt. Job it will be called as nursing officers Grade I Grade II. For AYUSH Doctor`s
posting it will be called as Ayurveda Medical Officer`s. Than all of sudden what happened in
Karnataka state why CHO word has been stopped using ? Kindly do the needful.
Job Description, still there is confusion about job description, to entire Family Wellfare& Health
Department. What HR Policy every day / Week we will get a new circular / order, this is your
work you have to work, we don’t have any problem to work what ever Higher authorities but at the
same time there should be justification of work. Ex: every day (Monday to Saturday) 9:00 AM to
01:00 PM Regular OPD clinic, NCD clinic, NCD Camp, Immunization Camp, with OPD clinic,
Anganwadi /School visit. VHSNC / VHND. Yoga day monitoring. Post lunch 02:00 PM to
05:00PM Regular OPD clinic, Home Visit High Risk ANC/PNC Follow up this is our routine�work. HWC portal inline entries, apart from this it was asked to do RCH Portal entries,
NikshayAap entry & miscellaneous work. So there`s a lot of confusion what things we are entitle
to do? kindly clarify.
3. Performance based incentives.
As per our performance in day to day activities we are getting rupees 8000/- per month we request
you kindly add in our main(Basic) salary. We have been appointed to work. Yes we are working to
reach the goal under CPHC – UHC Universal health coverage. Health for all. Ayushman Bharat.
Arogya Karnataka. HWC Health and Wellness Center.
As per the curriculum activities we are working as follows. Ex: daily OPD, NCD, Out reach
activities, Anganwadi Visits, Health Awareness camps, school visit, Night Blood smear for
elephantiasis/fiariasis. Acute case finding serve for TB. MDA & Pulse polio etc.
4. Creation of Community Health Officer`s Council of India.
Sir, Community Health Officer / Mid Level Health Provider concept is very good to cover Rural
areas on health issues. Its like Nurse Practitioner of USA. There is lots changes needs to be done,
lots of day by day issue needs to be solve as some state following Ex: Maharashtra recruiting. B.Sc
Nursing / Ayurveda Cadre Karnataka State recruiting B.Sc Nursing Cadre Haryana State recruiting
Ayurveda Graduates so there no uniformity. They have different rules and regulations in all states
B.Sc Nursing Registration will be done in States Nursing Council & similarly Ayurveda. If there is
a platform were all cadres comes together work under one umbrella. Than why can`t there should be CHO council of India !.

Our work will be benefitted to entire rural India to Register in CHO Council of India as
CHO/MLHP they can monitor time to time upgradation of knowledge CME(continue Medical
Education YOGA Innovation Classes, Emergence Medicine, dealing with CVA, Cardiac Arrest,
Myocardial Infraction, First Aid Service. ACLS.BLS. GCS Assessment.
To regulate the continue training / Policies. Program in the field of community level best
practice. To research how best we can minimize health issues pertaining to community health. To
collect information on a regular basis on education & training in the field of community health. To
maintain central CHO register to monitor activities day to day accredation of our knowledge by
having seminar / conference National CHO conference CME Crediting Point for Renewal of CHO
practice certificate.
So kindly think on this points to better implementation of Ayushman Bharath. Heath for all
( Sir, with due respect this letter was written because there`s something, we are missing to serve
better. But it does not mean that we by writing petition/ letter downgrading someone)

CC to

PMO Office New Delhi

CMO office Bangalore Karnataka

NITI Ayug New Delhi

Minister of Health & Family Welfare Bangalore Karnataka

NHM Karnataka state

All Concerned athouritys & CHO/MLHP's of India