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Stop the parking lot that is being made in Lalbagh, Bangalore, India. .

It is going to eat into 5 acres of the precious lungspace of the Lalbagh botanical Gardens that was built by Haider Ali. It has also contributed to our city being called the Garden City. This parking lot is the beginning of the end of Lalbagh. It will allow all kinds of other things totally not needed to come in. Whatever needs to be done in Lalbagh has to be done only after it is okayed by the citizens of Bangalore. Right now all that is needed there is clearing it of all the garbage, stop any other so called 'improvement works' like this parking lot for instance, ban all hawkers/stalls from entering the park at any point of time, repair and install some more drinking water filters, ban any food being brought inside the park [even by walkers in the morning] and vaccinating the many stray dogs inside the park to name a few.

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