Health Vs Examination, govt please decide asap

Health Vs Examination, govt please decide asap

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The students of 2nd PUC are to attend their English 2nd PUC final exam, that was postponed from 23rd March,on the notes of a lockdown due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, to June 18th, Thursday, amidst the situation. As a concerned parent, and a teacher, it would be very Helpful, if the English exam be cancelled. 

  First, we ,here in Karnataka,can see that the situation hasn't changed, if not, has become worse. The no. of cases have been increasing,  with little, to no improvement.

It would be very stressful to send our children out to attend a 3-hour examination, thinking about their safety every, single minute. We should also think from the students' point of view. How can we expect them to write an exam, when they are already stressed out about the pandemic, and keep themselves safe while also scoring marks?

   Telangana has cancelled their SSC exams on 8th June, Tamilnadu has done it on 9th June. When states are getting concerned and cancelling 6 Papers, it will not hurt to cancel one language paper, and grade it by giving aggregate marks. So, we have to do it too, before it's too late.

  So people, Please sign the petition so that the ministry hears us, and takes necessary action, so that can protect ourselves and our children from the Stress and from the pandemic.

Thank you!!

A concerned parent