Soldier in Chains

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Beaten, thrashed, handcuffed and chained..treated like an animal..human rights violated blatantly...

.........we need justice for my husband who is the son of our country, a soldier having vowed his life in service of the nation!!!

I’m Komal Sachin Savant, my husband Sachin Savant, serving CoBRA commando was brutally beaten thrashed and chained in handcuffs by Karnataka Police. 
because he was cleaning his bike outside his home without wearing a mask

My husband pledged his life in service of the nation in 2014 when after immense hard work he got selected in CRPF. A commando is not born but is made by consistent hard work by putting in a lot of sweat blood patience perseverance. All this was shattered by blows of lathi that Karnataka police inflicted without any fault of my husband or provocation. 
He is languishing in jail since 23 April, and still hasn’t got the bail. He was given an in-humane and animal like treatment where his side of justification wasn’t even heard. He is under immense psychological pressure and is shattered as he saw his self respect being battered.

It was not pain inflicted on his body that hurt him, but it was the pain inflicted on his heart and soul by his countrymen for whom he is ready to take on bullets any day!!

HELP me get JUSTICE for my husband...HELP punish the perpetrators who tainted uniform and tarnished a hard earned reputation of a commando!!