#IMAScam - I Monetary Advisory #Faith used as Bait

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We All Know That Some Directors Of IMA Are In Police Custody But Mansoor Khan Managing Director Of IMA Is Missing. Instead of knowing the consequences, Mansoor Khan played with the emotions of its own community, I would say not it's own community in fact with all the people who trusted in ISLAM and HALAL Money. Mansoor Khan has played with people emotionally, it's not limited to Mansoor Khan, this is again total ignorance of Karnataka Government and its officers who let this organization to run on a large scale for 14 even years at a commercial platform. The company was totally shielded from Police, Government and they are to be blamed for the agony of the people.

We have many facts which prove that IMA had the full support of the government, like:

1. How IMA came clean after IT Raids?

2. How RBI ED did not act properly to close the firm in time, the Public should have been warned aggressively.

A Ponzi company successfully worked for 14 years is the failure of all central agencies like ED, Govt, IT Dept and Both central and state Govt

As a citizen of India and resident of Karnataka we have lost faith in Govt and its agencies hence we want the court to intervene and overtake investigation to give us justice. As a citizen, we see the legal court as our last hope

As a result, all of the investors who have invested their hard earned money are looking forward to getting at least their invested principle.

Last but not least, priority should be given to new Investors/those who have lost their principal amount without no or little profit.

Since investigation is still underway hoping this should not again be Ponzi scheme but if it gets declared by SIT or other Govt. Official as Ponzi scheme then at least everyone will look for their part of investment.

If this proved as a Ponzi Scam then below holds good for everyone who has invested their money.For example, if someone has invested Rs. 1 Lakh a year back and on an average IMA had paid 36 thousand rupees for 12 even months then the individual is eligible only for 74 thousand rupees which is his/her principal as this was just a SCAM, not any plan to pay profit to individual.

I would request all the people to sign this petition so that it can create an impact on the government and it can show how powerful the people are, I hope this might create a change and help in getting our money back.