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Send Sasikala to Tihar or Erawada security prison due to TN intel. report, not to Chennai

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The Tamil Nadu government is attempting to move Sasikala from Bangalore Prison to Chennai so that she can avail all facilities to run the state government from inside the prison. Having the government in hand, she can do anything she wants, sitting inside the prison and there will be no one to question. The TN Govt is making this shift on the premise that TN intelligence has given a report that Sasikala's life is under threat in Bangalore jail. This is mockery of democracy and governance and proves that the current EPS government will go any extent to allow the Mannargudi mafia to rule and ruin the state.

We as sincere citizens of this county should oppose and defeat this heinous move. My reasons are 

1. This will defeat the purpose of honourable Supreme Court's judgement as this shift will enable Sasikala to rule TN sitting pretty inside the jail. Her cellphones will work. It will not be jail for her, but another Poes Garden.

2. If Bangalore jail is unsafe for the inmates, it is a slap on the face of Karnataka government that it is incapable of protecting the inmates. 

3. The intelligence report is manipulated and just shows that the current TN government can do anything they want and no shame

4. If Bangalore jail is unsafe, I can say that all state jails are equally unsafe and she should be immediately shifted to Tihar or Erawada High Security prisons so that she can safely lead the jail life.

5. This will also save our tax money as the TN ministers will use our money to visit Bangalore very often. It may not be that viable, if it is Erawada or Tihar.

I am wondering about the tenacity of the current TN government in asking the Karnataka government, "Sasikala is unsafe in your jail. You are incapable of safeguarding her. So transfer her to Chennai prison. We are more capable than you to protect her". 

Is Karnataka government foolish to admit that they are incapable?

Pl sign this petition requesting the respective departments, governments and ministers that Sasikala should be transferred to Tihar or Erawada High Security Jail. This will also avoid Karnataka Government dealing with this dangerous lady. 

Pl share this widely as this move is going on behind the scene.

- The true democratic Indian

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