Lower the towing charges (fine )for no parking vehicles !!!

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Mistakes are done by every one !! Its not that we are always perfect !! 

Each day we come across scenarios when we face that our vehicles have been towed away by the traffic police for no parking violaions , wrong parking violations .We face this problems because the board's which have been put up for parking are not visible or don't exist !! Or lack of parking spaces in busy places ! 

We know this law is made to benefit the public .. 

But the charge for 2 wheelers ,4 wheelers

parking violation + toweing =750 /-

Parking violation + toweing =1100/- 

These fine's are too much for a normal middle class person or a person who unwantedly committed the violation ! 

How much ever you beg , what ever reasons you give  the traffic police is not ready to listen ! 

  1. So I request the cheif minster of karnataka to lower the towing charges from  

750 - 300 /-

1100 -500 /-